January – February 2022

During this quieter time of the year we have taken the opportunity to arrange for the main hall to be repainted inside. This will involve checking on the ceiling tiles and spray painting them as well as the walls of the main hall and stage.

The radiators and all paintwork will all get a refresh too. We hope you will enjoy the new colour scheme It should all be completed by 17th February, but we all know things can go awry for reasons beyond anyone’s control at the moment.

We are also looking into replacing the stage curtains which must be at least 30 years old and won’t stand up to being washed.

There are some bulbs starting to show through in the grounds and planters— thanks to prior plantings. We look forward to the show that David will nurture in the planters later in the year. We have been fortunate to have hanging baskets donated in previous years and hope this will continue again this year—they do make the hall look good.  Thank you also to those who keep the grounds safe and tidy.

By some fluke a new Parish noticeboard was put up on the same day as our new Village Hall noticeboard. Look out for posters and news.

So if you know people who would like to put on a performance using a stage—we will be all set up. we are one of the few halls around which does have a stage.  Do you know any people who are in a band? We have some singers who would give us an evening of entertainment, so watch out for details.

Let’s hope we will all feel safe enough to start enjoying modest gatherings again soon.

If you would like to support the village hall—do join our lottery or make a donation. It all helps. Or better still hire the hall for an event, class, meeting, exhibition, quiz, entertainment. Or come and talk to us about it.

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