Please Help Keep The Village Hall At The Heart Of Village Life


There are FIVE monthly WINNERS

Prize values :

1st prize £50; 2nd prize £20; 3rd prize £10; 4th prize £10; 5th prize £10

Plus bonus £100 in December draw for one lucky person.

Why Join? The Village Hall Lottery raises money towards the upkeep and maintenance of the Village Hall.  We have a small number of collectors who are dedicated to calling and collecting your £2.00 every month. But if you are busy or out when the collector calls, you can still win one of the five prizes each month if you pay by Standing Order.  We give out a total prize fund of £1,300 per annum with a bonus draw in December where you can win £100.

Why choose standing order over direct debit? A Standing Order is a fixed amount, chosen by you, that can be cancelled by you at any time of your choice.  This is not the same as Direct Debit. Standing order is the most effective and surest way of taking part in this way of supporting the Village Hall.

The Lottery is a vital part of our Village Hall income – every penny raised goes directly towards its wellbeing, and without it, the Hall cannot function. Approximately 30% of the amount collected is paid out in Prize Money every month.

To join, would you please complete the ‘Standing Order Request‘ and send it to your bank, or set up a standing order from your online account. Please also Email the Lottery Co-ordinator   If you have already pre-paid your existing monthly Lottery entries, the Standing Order should be completed to commence on the 1st of the month following the pre-paid period. If there is any doubt about this date, it can easily be checked by your Collector or the Lottery Coordinator Leanne Hornby (01284 830895). If you wish to continue paying by cash or cheque, please ring Leanne and she will arrange for a Collector to contact you. Some people have recently missed out on prizes as their numbers came up but they had not paid for the month.

If you do not wish to take part in a “lottery” you could support the Hall by making a regular donation – please specify this on your form.

Monthly Village Hall  June  2024 Draw Results

1st Prize £50  403   N Whatley

2nd Prize £20  325  R & S Drane

3rd Prize £10   112 Mr & Mrs Baines

4th Prize £10  297  L Kent

5th Prize £10  263   J Negus


You can join the lottery by:

Clicking the download link.

Print out the form and return to your bank or set up standing order online with your bank.

Also let the Lottery Co-ordiator know that you are joining.