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Village Hall News     HELP…….PLEASE

As I’m sure you already know the cost of keeping a house in reasonable          condition is very substantial and more so when the property is the size of a     village hall. In fact if it hadn’t been for Babergh Council and funds diverted from the government during the period from March 2020 we would certainly have found ourselves financially insolvent in 2021 and having to close Lawshall Village Hall for the long term.

We are having the inside of the hall refurbished in an effort to attract more people to the hall and thus keep us solvent but the hall only has a small band of  dedicated volunteers who want to help, and at the present time we are being stretched.

One of the ways we raise funds for the hall (so we can complete the redecoration of the hall) is through the lottery but we need a couple of volunteers who are  happy to give an hour of their time once a month to collect monies from residents and bring a little joy to people as you deliver their prize when they win.

Could you please give us a little of your time for your community hall?

Contact: Leanne Hornby, Hills Farm, Bury Road, Lawshall, IP29 4PJ

Tel: 01284 830895                Email:


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