May 2023 Roof challenges

The hall has a problem with the roof gulley between the main hall and the flat roofed section for the kitchen and Jubilee room. The metal lined gulley has eroded in places and allows some ingress of rainwater to the hall.  This does need to be fixed soon,  so we are in the process of getting quotes for work to solve this problem. Each workman seems to come up with a different solution, some more expensive and possibly longer lasting, than others.  It will be a tricky choice as to which method and workman to go for. Big Thanks to Julian and Leanne for leading on this.

Meanwhile, Titch has started cutting the grass and has pruned back the perennials in the planters. We a hoping and planning for a good display this year in the planters and in the hanging baskets. The      daffodils and cowslips are looking good right now.

We have a new Chair for the Village Hall Management Committee—Peter Ward joined us a few months ago and will step into the Chair’s role from the next meeting in early June.

Whatever your plans for this year, if you are thinking of holding a   gathering or a party, or a new class, please consider using the hall. It is there for the village—please use it.

You can support the hall by joining the monthly lottery for as little as £2 per month. The bank details for standing orders which you can set up from your own online bank account or through the form are downloadable from the website. It all helps.


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