September 2020 – Hall Re-Opening?
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September 2020 – Hall Re-Opening?

September 2020 – Hall Re-Opening?

Hall Re-Opening….

The guidance keeps being updated—version4 on 20th July, and version 5 on 17th August which I have yet to view in detail. It would help if the items updated were either listed or readily identifiable but they are not.

There are now 12 appendices. More reading!


Meetings for smaller numbers of people are permitted, maintaining social distancing and rigorous cleaning procedures. We will also need to rotate the use of chairs as our padded chairs will need to be in quarantine for at least 72 hours between uses. No more than two people can be in the kitchen at any one time.

Ian and Julian have worked hard to install railings at the exit from the hall to make that safer to use:

We will be meeting on 24th August to explore how an indoor market can take place as the valued fruit and vegetable stall may be able to go inside as the weather deteriorates we have been so lucky so far. Curiously this is deemed an essential service and is permitted subject to the guidance for the retail sector which we have all encountered.

As you can see in the photo (in R&A)  we also need to look to getting the planned  replastering of the outside frieze started.

Jenna, for VHMC