January 2020
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January 2020

January 2020

Santa came by donkey led sleigh (cart) to our Christmas tree lighting and give presents to all the children there.  Thank you to Annette for bringing the donkey and to Santa for gracing our village.

The lights look magnificent this year stretching along the hall and into the trees—thank you to those who set up the Christmas tree which was kindly donated to us.

Thank you also to the small band of volunteers who cleared around the edge of the car park on 30th November, moving weeds, leaves and accumulated “soil” as well as moss to make the grounds safer to walk around. And thanks to Alison for making tea.

Julian has been working hard to get us connected to WiFi. The first challenge was for the village hall to have a postcode that Openreach could recognise. It’s surprising how long this can take. Thank you for your persistence. Hopefully we will be connected up very soon.

You don’t have to wait for our next meeting on March 2nd to get involved or start something happening in the hall.  Waht would you like to make happen?

A Happy New year to You all.